Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 11 - 3/9/09 - 3/15/09

Monday, March 9
Now it's my turn with the flu. Nicholas is still pretty sick too. Mandi has been spending a lot of time laying near Nicholas, I think she is worried about him.

Day 71 - 3/9/09

Tuesday, March 10
Jackson is 4 months old today and he is trying to roll over. The night was rotten. I was sick. Jackson woke up twice. Nicholas woke up crying at 3:30. He could not be comforted. I thought he could be hungry. Pancakes at 3:30 am. It was good to see him want to eat.

Day 72 - 3/10/09

Wednesday, March 11
This is how I roll. Back to tummy, I guess he didn't get the memo that he is supposed to roll tummy to back first. It was a sad week for another reason. Nicholas is losing all 4 of his therapy's. The program was a victim to state budget cuts. We are scrambling to replace what we can cover through insurance. His therapists have helped him so much this past year. He has came so far with their help. And he really loved all of them. He was so sick this week he couldn't even tell them goodbye when they came for their last visits.

Day 73 - 3/11/09

Thursday, March 12
Happy birthday Mike! Nicholas was much better today he even smiled and laughed when I woke him up this morning. He's not 100%, but better. We went to the Angels vs. Rockies spring training game today. Jackson stayed with Nana and Grandpa Carr. We thought Nicholas needed the fresh air. He did okay, but got tired easy so we left early. Jackson weighed 14 pounds at his well-check this morning. Daddy had a good birthday!

Day 74 - 3/12/09

Friday, March 13
Jackson ate cereal today and he liked it. It was nice to have a day off and hang out at home with the boys.


Saturday, March 14
Mike and I had the first date night we have had since Jackson was born. Nana and Grandpa Carr came over and watched the boys. We went to the Tempe Marketplace and started off with a drink at Cadillac Ranch, then we went to Kings Fishhouse for dinner. It was definitely nice to able to have a full meal with adult conversation.


Sunday, March 15
Nana R came over today to visit the boys. My 4 day weekend went to fast.


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