Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A couple layouts to share

Pictures from our first breakfast with the animals at the zoo.  Nicholas had a ball feeing the goats.

Visiting Santa in 2009, the boy's letter's from Santa are tucked in the envelope.

Have a great week!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Is this a 3 year old or....

a beaten wife?

Edited - to correct to 3 year old & 3rd birthday...

This picture is just wrong on so many levels....

But it still makes me laugh.  This was me on my 3rd birthday.  I don't remember the full story, but the way I remember the story as told to me was that a few days before my birthday my mom and dad were washing down the driveway and washing my Dad's truck.  I think they told me not to do it, but I climbed up in the bed of the truck, and very obviously fell and gave myself a black eye.

It required a trip to the emergency room.  My mom said they were questioned about it to make sure they didn't do this to me (they didn't). If I remember right I may have had a concussion. Now I know what's wrong with me. LOL!

I do remember later that evening, being on the couch with a big ice bag on my face.  Then a few days later I got to celebrate turning 3 looking like this.

The iron, just add's to the image. Even more so, since I can't remember the last time I ironed anything.

Over the past 8 months, I have been working through the 23,000+ pictures stored on my computer and cataloged in Adobe Lightroom.  Last year I scanned all of my pre-digital pictures, as well as those I had from my mom.  I have spent tons of hours organizing these pictures by date, tagging them with who, what and a bit of where. Rating the best to cull them down, deleting bad pictures that just are not worth keeping.

Why did I do this? Well for a few reasons...

  • This process is making it easier to find the stories from my childhood and family history that I want to tell. 
  • I want to enjoy these pictures.  I can have them scrolling through a slide show on our digital frames and computer screen savers.
  • I have shared many of them with my parents and siblings.
  • I also think at the rate we take photos today. my boys will end up with hundreds of thousands of images from their family history. I don't want them to be so overwhelmed by the thought of it that they do nothing with them or worse delete them. Because they may not appreciate what they have until after I am gone.  At that point they would be left wondering who the people in the photos are.  The task to organize them at that point would be daunting, and likely never done.  

I am establishing a process that I can maintain.  And while I was already well on my way, I am loving the  class that Kayla Lamoreaux  is offering on her site for Lightroom organization.  She started with digital scrapbooking supplies, but has just moved into the photo organization module. And amazingly she is giving this class for FREE. If you have any desire to improve your photo organization, I strongly suggest you check it out. Even if you use a different organization program she has a lot of really great methods for organizing your photos.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Friday

I unexplainably woke up at 4:00 am this morning and could not go back to sleep. I figured I may as well get up and be productive with the time. I am sure I will be loving it about 2:00 this afternoon when the lack of sleep hits.  It will be even more fabulous because my entire afternoon is filled with back to back meetings. At least I have a 4 day weekend to look forward to.

Last weekend was Mike’s big 45th. 


His choice of celebrating was to stay at home most of the weekend and cook for us.  He started off the day with his Bobby Flay inspired Bloody Mary’s and brunch on the grill.  Those breakfast sandwiches are too die for.


We just hung around the house all day and he grilled us fabulous burgers for dinner.  I told him I would make him anything he wanted for his birthday cake. He picked Oreo Cheesecake. I found a few recipe ideas and made a Cheesecake Factory inspired Oreo Cheesecake for our dessert.  It was probably my best cheesecake effort to date.


Nicholas loves birthdays, singing and helping blow out candles.

Nicholas has decided he likes to stamp and made his Daddy a birthday card.


The great thing for me is all weekend he wanted to go down to my scrap room to stamp and do crafts. He is pretty self sufficient down there, I set him up with his own drawer full of old stamps and stamp pads, paper, stickers, and other items I didn’t want anymore.  It let me get some scrap time in too, I just have to let him have control of the TV while we are down there. But that’s okay. 


This was my simple card for Mike.  And since I have a ton of layouts I haven’t shared, here are a few….

Jackson’s first Christmas….


At the pumpkin patch, I scrapped the enlarged photo I had in our entry way during the fall season.


ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo in 2009 in a rare 2 pager…


Have a great weekend….

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today’s challenge at ScrapTiffany is about Beauty. 


It’s weird really.  Today’s post was going to be about how we celebrated Mike’s 45th birthday this weekend. I will have to save that for another day. Because, I can’t stop thinking about my Mom right now, and that she will never again experience a beautiful Arizona sunset with us.

I guess it is because I worked on the design for her headstone this weekend. We had been putting it off, but it needed to be done. I sometimes wonder if I am putting the flowers in the right spot when I visit the cemetary.  So I guess we need to have that to make sure, right?

I have been disconnecting from my online world a lot lately on purpose. I have been spending time doing a few things I want to do; rather than a little of everything. I am purposefully choosing to do less online.

Last year I finally scanned all the pictures I had and those that my mom had given to me as well. I am now organizing and tagging them in Lightroom.  It is forcing me to spend a lot of time with my family and my childhood. That is a good thing. It is interesting the observations I make from this exercise.


I have a category called Who’s That? I don’t know who these people are. and with my mom gone, I am not sure if I will ever find out. I am happy that there aren’t many. I hope to give my children the gift of knowing who the people in the old photos are when I am not here to tell them anymore. I meant to ask my mom, but I didn’t.

Thanksgiving Day

One thing that really struck me…the last picture I had with my mom and me was from Thanksgiving 2009. Really? A year before she passed. I should be able to do better than that. I have a camera around at all times, how did that happen.


The other thing that struck me is the last pictures I have of my mom were from early October 2010. She looked really good. It was just a couple of weeks before we found out the cancer had spread...That our days with her were numbered and we didn’t even know it.

I zoomed in on this picture yesterday to see that the light still sparkled in her eyes. It made me realize that I watched it dim the last 2 weeks of her life.  The last couple of days they were dark. The light was gone.

Thanks for letting me remember her today. I miss her.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A ScrapTiffany Challenge and More Layouts to Share

Happy March to you! In Arizona that means one thing…..Spring Training baseball.  Mike and I grew up Angels fans, and when we moved from California to Arizona one thing he didn’t like was that we couldn’t go to Angel’s games anymore.  But, we have the next best thing here, Spring Training.  Tempe Stadium is a great place to see a game, especially when you have little ones. The big grassy area is perfect for lounging and watching the games. 

And of course we are raising our boys right….Angels babies!

So what better way to meet today’s ScrapTiffany Sports Challenge than to celebrate our Angel’s and Spring Training Baseball…..


Head on over to ScrapTiffany and check out the other ladies take on the challenge. And if you take the challenge e-mail your work to Tiffany (tiffany(at)scrapbooktiffany(dot)com), we would love to see it.

I also have a few more layouts to share. I was looking through my layout pictures and I still have a lot more to share.  Here are a few….

New Shoes – using Studio Calico Candy Shoppe January 2011. Doing some shoe shopping.



Fall 2010 using October 2010 Back 40. Celebrating fall decorations around the house.


From a past Sunday Sketch at Studio Calico using Elementary. Nicholas Fall school picture.


And finally Happy Halloween using the Color Me Daisy October 2009 Halloween kit. My favorite Halloween picture from 2009.


Have a great week. It is quarter end for me at work and it will be a busy one for me.