Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 10 - 3/2/09 - 3/8/09

Monday, March 2
"Rub my belly". Such a typical Marti pose.

Day 64 - 3/2/09

Tuesday, March 3
Nicholas likes to read magazines, so I guess we better watch out what we throw in the recycle bin.

Day 65 - 3/3/09

Wednesday, March 4
Jackson is smiling and laughing so much now. Love to hear his little squeals.

Day 66 - 3/4/09

Thursday, March 5
The pink fire truck came to the office today for one of my co-workers, Cammie, who was diagnosed with breast cancer late last year. She is a couple years younger than me, it's scary but she is doing well after surgery and is currently cancer free. And she is so darned positive! It was cool to see her honored in this way on her first day back to work.

Day 67 - 3/5/09

Friday, March 6
This is what sick looks like. Nicholas has had the flu since Wednesday night. It's a rough one. He is just not himself at all. I miss my little guy.

Day 68 - 3/6/09

Saturday, March 7
Still sick, Nicholas fell asleep on the couch next to his daddy. He has been sleeping and not eating or drinking much. We are really worried about him.

Day 69 - 3/7/09

Sunday, March 8
Seeming to be a bit better today, but still so weak. This flu is lasting so long. Just a lot of laying around and watching TV or just wanting to be held by mommy or daddy.

Day 70 - 3/8/09

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