Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 12 - 3/16/09 - 3/22/09

Monday, March 16
Jackson is teething pretty bad. Spending time in the evenings getting ready for a crop night this

Day 78 - 3/16/09

Tuesday, March 17
Nicholas now is interested in playing with Jackson. So cute!

Day 79 - 3/17/09

Wednesday, March 18
Our Marti! She found her beds stuffed in the toy basket so she climbed in and snuggled down for a nap.

Day 80 - 3/18/09

Thursday, March 19
Nicholas is starting to say a lot of new words. Every day is something new. He is learning so much every day it is amazing to watch.

Day 81 - 3/19/09

Friday, March 20
Grandpa Carr was sick with the flu and could not go to the Angels/Diamondbacks spring training game with Mike and the boys. So Mike braved it alone. The boys both behaved pretty well, so they had a fun boys day out.

Day 82 - 3/20/09

Saturday, March 21
I hosted my first crop night. It was fun and I got some pages done. Doesn't Jackson look cute in his new PJ's from Aunt Jessica.

Day 83 - 3/21/09

Sunday, March 22
So Marti will take a nap anywhere. And this morning I found her inside the pillow covers from our bed pillows.

Day 84 - 3/22/09

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