Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Collage Tutorial at ScrapTiffany and a Freebie

Today I am hosting the Tuesday Tutorial over at ScrapTiffany. Join me and learn how to make a collage like this one that I now have framed and displayed in my entry way with all my fall decorations, and read below for a freebie download of 2 photo collages you can use today.

In addition to making a picture collage that you can use in lots of ways, I am also talking a bit about using actions, and adding some digital elements to enhance your photos. 

And just for fun I am also sharing some digital templates to make the both sides of the 8x8 collages that I used in this layout:

Each side gives you 11 photos. That's a lot of photos to pack on a page. The templates are PSD files and can be used in Photoshop Elements or Photoshop. 

Photo sizes for each side in inches (width x height):
1 - 4x3
6 - 2x2
2 - 2x3
2 - 4x2

Here are the links for the download:

Each layer is named by the picture size. To use the templates:
  1. Select your photos
  2. Crop to the size noted in the layer title in the layers palette
  3. Drag the photo to the template
  4. Move over the photo layer for placement
  5. Click both the photo layer box and your added picture to have both selected
  6. Right click and merge the two layers. This will allow you to move any photo's around if you want. 
  7. When all pictures have been added, select all layers and right click to flatten the image
  8. Save as a JPEG for printing
  9. Have fun.

If you use the template I would love to see what you did. Leave a comment with your link and I will check it out and share it here.

Thanks for stopping by today.


Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

What a great tutorial and a wonderful layout!

Sabr said...

Way to fit in so many photos!

Rebecca said...

Fabulous tutorial! I love the photo collage with the actions--beautiful!

Katie said...

what a great tutorial! i love your layout!!!