Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I Have Learned as a Mother

Today on Stacy Julian's blog I saw this post about 22 Things I Learned Being a Mother which was inspired by  Amy Krouse-Rosenthal who I remembered from doing an Encyclopedia of Me (A-Z) inspired scrapbook a few years ago based on the book by her, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AN ORDINARY LIFE.  So I took Stacy's challenge and wrote down my 22 before reading Stacy's or watching the video by Amy.

My list was a bit different since my two boys are still toddlers, but I think it will make great journaling for a scrapbook page.  So make your list of 22 Things and then read mine and Stacy's and watch Amy's movie. I am sure that we will all find little nuggets in common.

22 things I have learned as a mother
  1. You can’t protect them from everything
  2. Independence is a good thing at any age
  3. There really is nothing sweeter than hearing mommy 100 times in a day (one day you’ll miss it)
  4. When your children do something that you are really proud of you know you must have done something right
  5. Routines are important
  6. I look forward to hearing “mommy’s home” when I get home from work at the end of the day
  7. Watching the world through their eyes as they explore and learn is very cool
  8. When your child is hurt or sick or struggling you would do anything to take their pain away
  9. Snacks are a good thing
  10. Sometimes (okay most times) it is just easier to let your very picky eater have chicken fingers or hot dogs than it is to have a melt down
  11. When you hear “I love you mommy” for the first time your heart will immediately melt
  12. Children do things at their pace not yours
  13. They grow up too fast
  14. It is really cool to watch your sons bond with their daddy
  15. It is okay for daddy to be the main caregiver and have mommy go to work everyday
  16. You do not need to yell at your kids to let them know you aren’t happy with something they did
  17. Barney, The Wiggles and kids TV shows in general are not terrible and you are not a bad parent if you let them watch
  18. Getting your baby to consistently sleep through the night makes for a much happier home
  19. Sometimes bribery is okay to avoid a public meltdown
  20. Your house will never again be as neat as it once was and it won’t matter
  21. You won’t have all the free time you used to have and sometimes you’ll miss it
  22. But, when those little guys crawl in your lap and want to cuddle with you, you will forget what life was like before they were here


beckyjune said...

This is so true, Michelle, and such a great reminder.

Virginia said...

I love these! So inspired to make my own list now. I can't wait to see you scrap this!

Rebecca said...

I saw a post about this on Stacy Julian's blog. I havent made my list yet so I wont read yours yet, but thanks for the reminder to get on it!