Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Musings

Happy Spring! We are loving the spring weather here in Arizona. It won't be long before we are in the frying heat of summer. (I'll apologize now for the wonky text breaks, I have spent 15 minutes trying to fix them, and it isn't working out, so if it looks weird on your browser it just is what it is).

Today Mike and Nicholas went to a spring training game (Angels vs. Dodgers) and Jackson stayed home with Nana C. 

Nicholas had grown out of all his Angels shirts. Yesterday when we were cleaning out the boys closets to make room for their new summer clothes, Mike found the shirt Nicholas is wearing. It was a onesie type shirt (snaps between the legs).  Well at 3 that doesn't go over very good with the kiddo anymore. So I cut off the bottom and stitched a hem around it (not a great hem, but you can't really tell). And now Nicholas had an Angels shirt for the game today.

The shorts, well they were ones we thought he would grow out of when we cleaned out his closet last year. But as I was going through the hand me down bag for Jackson yesterday I came across these and Nicholas is so skinny he can still wear these 12 month shorts.

Mike and Nicholas had fun at the game but it was really hot. Nicholas was "all done baseball" in the 3rd inning, so they headed home. But they still had time for hot dogs and lemonade (and of course cheeze-its).

On Saturday we had a family day and did some shopping to stock up on warm weather clothes and stuff. We hit up Kohl's first and in addition to some tops and capri's I found these 2 fun spring purses. The patchwork one (1) is bright pink on the inside and the green one (2) is pink and green stripes (and is reversible). The 2 purses and the pink wallet were all 50-60% off. I also found a couple of necklace and earing sets. This one (3) is perfcet with one of the flower clips (4) I recently bought from my good friend Jen. She has recently started making and selling these cuties and other hair accessories and adorable tutu's. They are selling at local craft shows and on their site and will do custom orders as well. You can find them at

We headed to the mall to have lunch and hit Children's Place and Baby Gap for the kids and American Eagle and the Gap for Mike. We ate at California Pizza kitchen 
and Nicholas took several pictures of Mike and Jackson, this is one of my favorites:

After shopping we stopped at Coldstone for some ice cream. Nicholas was in ice 
cream heaven with his chocolate and M&M's ice cream:

Sunday we hung out at home. I started a re-model on my blog and played around with some fabric flowers.  I also got to work on my Color Me Daisy April kit layouts. 
The sneak peak is up on the Color Me Daisy blog...Spring Fever....Catch it!

I finsihed one layout last night and will share a sneak tomorrow.

For now I will leave you with a bit of scrappy stuff I did this weekend with my 
Studio Calico March kit:
A really cool thing happened Friday morning when I got Jackson up. He was still a bit sleepy. I took him back to our bed for a little while and we just cuddled. While 
this may not seem like a big deal, for us it is.  For months now he has been all 
about Daddy, and I have been only good enough if Daddy wasn't around, but not 
really unless he wanted to eat or if he was upset. But something has changed in the past couple of weeks and we are bonding again. I knew it was a phase, but there 
were times I missed his snuggles. So I just enjoyed every bit of that  "Mama 
moment" Friday morning.


Gina said...

OMGoodness Michelle I LOVE that LO!!!! SOo sooo pretty.

Rebecca said...

You found some cool stuff at Kohls--love the spring brights I am seeing everywhere this year. Cute pics of your sweet boys and the layout is gorgeous. My little guy (also a Jackson lol!) has been going through a phase where he wants my husband to put him to bed. :( I LOVE putting him to bed, but I didnt want to make either of them feel bad so I just pretended like it didnt even phase me. Well one night, J asks DH to put him to bed and in the middle of it he asked for me. DH and I joked that he had buyer's remorse. He still sometimes says he doesnt want me to put him to bed, but once we are done reading a book and snuggling in his chair singing a lullabye, it is clear he wouldnt have it any other way :)