Sunday, March 29, 2009

Week 13 3/23 - 3/29/09

Monday, March 23
I’m really tired today. Jackson rolled over today again, and I finally caught some pictures.

Day 85 - 3/23/09

Tuesday, March 24
I got home late tonight because I went to a PSE class at Scrapbooks Etc, with Jen so I missed seeing the boys. They were good going to bed for daddy.
Day 86 - 3/25/09

Wednesday, March 25
Jackson’s just chillin’. He has been doing well eating cereal.

Day 87 - 3/25/09

Thursday, March 26
It has been rare to get a picture of Nicholas smiling. When he sees the camera he turns the other way. He was just goofing off after dinner when I caught this one.

Day 88 - 3/26/09

Friday, March 27
I figured out how to get Nicholas to smile. I got him to say cheese and now at least I can count on a goofy grin from him. Nicholas likes to play with Jackson when J is in the excersaucer. N never had one.

Day 89 - 3/27/09

Saturday, March 28
The typical “cheese” picture I am getting now. Nicholas and I went to Costco and Target today. He even got his shoes and sat down for me when it was time to leave. Nicholas likes to say Bye Bye Costco (although it sounds like Co co).

Day 90 - 3/28/09

Sunday, March 29
Nicholas went with me to Best Buy today to help me pick out a new laptop. Mike spent the afternoon getting it set up for me. I spent the evening playing with it.

Day 91 - 3/29/09

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