Saturday, January 24, 2009

365 2009 - Week 2

I got a couple of weeks behind, so I am going to do a couple of catch up posts this weekend.

Monday, January 5
We spent some time today preparing shipments for the January kits. We are going to have a busy week. Mike's brother Jon and his family are coming this weekend and we have a lot to prepare for that and Nicholas's birthday party. I did the grocery shopping and some errands for the party while Mike did some cleaning.
365 Week 2

Tuesday, January 6
We took advantage of not a lot of new TV shows to watch and Jackson going to sleep at a good time to have a hobby night. Mike played his train game and I did some scrapbooking.
365 Week 2

Wednesday, January 7
Mike was cleaning the kitchen and had put the dog's bed in their toy basket. He came around the corner and found Marti had crawled in the basket to lay on her bed. She likes to snuggle into her bed or under blankets. This is so typical of her. Such a sweetie!
365 Week 2

Thursday, January 8
We went to my office to show off Jackson in the morning. It was nice to see everyone and hard to believe that I have to go back to work in 3 1/2 weeks. We went to Babies R Us and Michaels and then had lunch at Garduno's. Nicholas loves to eat lunch out with us and sit by his Daddy. We also went to Target to get Nicholas's presents for his birthday. This will probably be the last time we can shop for his presents while he is with us. It was a big day, Nicholas added three new words to his vocabulary "purple", "puppy" and "bear".

365 Week 2

Friday, January 9
Our big boy is 2 years old today. It is hard to believe that it was 2 years ago today that we experienced the scariest day of our lives when our baby boy was born 11 weeks before his due date. That day was also one of the happiest in our lives because Nicholas was brought into our lives. He is the sweetest little boy, and so good natured. We are very lucky to have him in our lives. Today Mike's brother, Jon and his family came to visit. Nicholas loved playing with his cousins, especially Rhianna and Isabella. It is fun to watch him play with kids his age. He even learned how to ride on his fire truck and rode it around the kitchen all night.
365 Week 2

Saturday, January 10
Today was Nicholas's birthday party. I made him a Winnie the Pooh themed cake and cupcakes. During the day, everyone went to the park. Nicholas slid down the slide by himself and loved the swing. He had fun playing with his new toys that Isabella helped him open. He stayed up really late playing with his cousins. Mommy is really proud of her big boy, he was so easy going and happy today.
Day 13 - 01/10/09

Sunday, January 11
Jon & Krista stayed until the evening. So Nicholas had a lot of time to play with his cousin's today. While everyone else was napping or doing other things, Nicholas crawled up in the chair with his new book. While we were looking at the book I pointed out a picture of a little boy kissing a little girl and said "kiss" to Nicholas, and he blew a kiss. All these new things this week!
Day 14 - 01/11/09

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