Sunday, January 4, 2009

365 2009 - Week 1

So I am taking the plunge and documenting our daily life in 2009. A picture a day, every day of what our life is like and what we are doing in 2009. I ordered the Becky Higgins 365 Kit to document this (however the ordering on their site was a fiasco on New Years Day. I have six different confirmations for the one kit I was trying to order, and no charges on my credit card, so we will see if it actually shows up).

I am planning to do at least a weekly post of our happenings. Maybe this will make me a better blogger! LOL!

Day 1 for us started on Monday 12/29. We started taking down the Christmas decorations.

1 - 20081229

Day 2 - 12/30 - Nicholas had physical therapy. He loves his therapist Lindsay. We continued taking down decorations and finished up for the most part, just needed to finish getting the house back to normal. Jackson of course picked today to eat frequently so it slowed us down some.

2 - 20081230

Day 3 - 12/31/ - New Years Eve - Mike finished up the house and it is back to normal now. Nicholas and I did the grocery shopping. Mike and I watched Hancock that night. We celebrated the New Year watching Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark while Mike gave Jackson a bottle.

3 - 20081231

Day 4 - 1/1/09 New Years Day. After a frustrating morning trying to order the 365 kit, we ate our traditional New Years Day breakfast made this year by Mike. We had to eat it with my holding Jackson in the Baby Bjorn, because he wasn't having being in his swing or play yard. Mike and Jackson watched football while Nicholas napped. I got a little scrapping done - the first 2 layouts in over 2 months! We took Nicholas for a ride in his new wagon and then he played on his swing and slide in the backyard until dark.

4 - 20090101

Day 5 - 1/2/09 - I photographed the January Color Me Daisy kits and then Mike and I spent the day uploading the new kit info to the website. Of course this has to be a day we have website issues and it takes all day.

5 - 20090102

Day 6 - 1/3/09 - We spent some time packing January kits. We got some time in the evening for a hobby night. Mike played his train game while Jackson snoozed with him in the Baby Bjorn. I was able to get a little scrapping time in.

6 - 20090103

Day 7 - 1/4/09 - I was taking some pictures of Nicholas playing and he ran up to me to look at the camera. He wanted to push the buttons so we turned the camera and he got this shot of the puppies. Not too bad for his first picture taken. LOL!

7 - 20090104

So there is our first week recap. Just a slice of life. Should be a fun project to do this year.

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Mara... said...

Love all the pics, Michelle. I hope you keep up the photos, I just can't seem to get the photo a day thing to work for me. Love the Baby Bjorn photo!

Happy New Year!