Thursday, January 12, 2012

12 on 12 in January

I had been considering documenting a day each month in 2012 in pictures. I was going to do 3 on 3, but kept coming back to 12 on 12.  I guess a lot of others in the scrap and photo world have the same idea because I am seeing it pop up everywhere today.

Here are the snippets of my day, my 12 on 12 for January

(1) Pancakes for breakfast before school. (2) Me and the new camera, thanks to the parents ;) - I need a haircut. (3) taking a much needed quick break this afternoon after non-stop meetings and demands from when I walked in until late this afternoon. (4) Lot's to do according to my planner. (5) What's on my podcast list this week (6) New Powerball ticket, the one I turned in was a loser. (7) Ouch, what it costs to fill up the Tahoe at $3.29/gallon (8) That's my boy, one shoe on one shoe off, let's go outside! (9) Mario is getting ready for an overnight trip to the bakery, where he will be the star of Nicholas's birthday cake on Saturday. (10) Looks like the first week back after winter break was a bit tough on Jackson (11) Pinterest - the ultimate time suck (12) Kiddos asleep, now it's play time for the grown ups

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Aimee Kidd said...

Awesome pics Michelle!! The boys are getting to be so big! It amazes me how fast kids grow..... :( And you just as beautiful as ever!

I just won a spot for the Ella Publ. 12 on Twelve class and I'm so excited!! So far I've dropped the ball, but plan to get some pics taken soon.