Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th Weekend Roundup

We stayed inside for most of the long weekend.  With temperatures like this….
July4th Weekend-2a
It was not pleasant outside.  And we had some humidity thrown in for fun too. Smile
Jackson started eating with a fork this weekend, and picked it up like he had been doing it forever.
July4th Weekend-1
I definitely have kiddos that do things when they are good and ready and not when I want them to.

Since we stayed inside Jackson spent a lot of time dragging every toy he cold find in his room to every other part of the hosue.
July4th Weekend-2
Mike beat Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy with Nicholas cheering him along the way.
July4th Weekend-3
Nicholas hi-jacked my iPad and iPhone and played Angry Birds and ended up figuring out how to look for more games. After we paid for 2 or 3 games I told him he could not have any more that cost money. He figured out which ones were free and would bring me the iPad or phone and say “ Can I play this one? this one “don’t” cost money”. Kids.
July4th Weekend-3a
After a hard afternoon of playing, Jackson crawled in Mike’s lap and fell asleep. He doesn’t look very comfortable to me.
July4th Weekend-4
On Sunday we did leave the house to go to the church in the morning.  We also went out to a late lunch at the new Coach and Willie’s in downtown Chandler. The food was good, but expensive. It seemed like we were the only one’s brave enough to leave the air conditioning. The restaurant and the streets were pretty empty.

When Nicholas wasn’t playing the iPad, he took over the Wii.  It is funny that something that he didn’t pay a lot of attention to a couple of months ago is now a complete obsession.
July4th Weekend-4a
Last night we got a really bad dust storm that knocked the power out. The Wii wouldn't power back on and we thought it was a gonner. Mike was not looking forward to Nicholas's reaction, but thanks to Google we figured out how to reset the power supply.

I don’t even know what this shirt style is all about. LOL!
July4th Weekend-5
On the 4th, we stayed inside and Mike grilled slider burgers for dinner.  We headed over to our church for fireworks.
July4th Weekend-6
We met up with friends, Michelle and Barry, that we hadn’t seen in forever.  Nicholas and their little girl hit it off immediately.
And we ended the night with a bang!
July4th Weekend-8July4th Weekend-9
July4th Weekend-10
July4th Weekend-7
Have a great week!

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Briana Johnson said...

Man, we are having temps like that here in Oklahoma too . . with ZERO humidity, we're in a severe drought - I don't know which one is worse ; ) I've also been trying to help keep little ones entertained inside. Looks like your little guy had a great weekend.