Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Pumpkin

A few weeks ago I was already craving some pumpkin recipes. And apparently the stores had not realized this. We could not get canned pumpkin at any of our grocery stores. Apparently there had been large crops of pumpkins lost in a freeze and there was a shortage last year. I must have bought all I needed last year before this became an issue.

The crops were okay this year, but the pumpkin hadn't started hitting the store shelves. If you love making pumpkin infused foods and you are desperate for some glimpse of fall when you live in the desert, you must take matters into your own hands.

I think you can buy anything at  A few weeks ago I ordered a case of this....

Of course it was back-ordered a couple of weeks, but I wasn't taking any chances. On my doorstep last week arrived one heavy case of pumpkin. With free shipping it was just over $2 a can. But after reading about people selling it on E-Bay for $10-$15+ a can, I didn't worry about it. And it was the organic brand which is a bit more anyway. And if this shortage didn't get resolved soon, I was still having pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.

Of course, you can now get pumpkin at the grocery store.  But, I wasn't taking any chances with my fall time favorite.

So to celebrate the arrival of pumpkin in our house we made pasta with pumpkin sauce with chicken apple sausage. Although this time we didn't make the sauce. World Market has a pre-made pumpkin sauce that I have to admit was about as good as the one we make from scratch.

On Sunday I made  Pumpkin Swirl Brownies, found on I increased the size of the batch so I could take some into work. I think the organic pumpkin is a bit more watery so my brownies came out a bit cakey. They are still yummy, just not fudge-y like a brownie.

We had a nice rainstorm yesterday that cooled us off in the evening. Let's see if it lasts. The weather says high 80's with some more rain for the next few days. I would like it a bit cooler, but after 100+ degree days all September, I guess we will take what we can get.

Happy Tuesday!


lisa said...

I absolutely love anything pumpkin!!! Interesting what you write about not being able to find it. I am having the same problem here. While I know that it is kind of a seasonal thing, the stores usually carry it year-round until this year.
Ok, now I'm hungry!!!!

Rebecca said...

lol, I love how determined you were for your pumpkin recipes! The brownies looks sooo yum! We got caught in a huge downpour this afternoon when picking up DD--we all got soaked, but I dont even care it is just so nice to have it under 100! Maybe we can get together sometime in the next few weeks?

VanessaB said...

what!? i knew there was an issue last year, but this year? i'm checking the stores tomorrow! those brownies look yuuummmy!