Wednesday, September 8, 2010

That's a Great Story

Although he can't read on his own yet, Nicholas loves books. He brings us books to read to him, his favorites lately are Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham and of course his beloved "Pigeon" books by Mo Williams. We read 4 of them every night, in the same order, before bed.

One night I got bored with the pigeon driving the bus, finding a hot dog, wanting a puppy and staying up late. I think Nicholas did too. So I changed it to driving a motorcycle, finding a sandwich, wanting a kitty and not letting Nicholas stay up late. It stuck and I am no longer allowed to read about buses, hot dogs, puppy's or the pigeon not being tired.

In the afternoon after Jackson has gone down for a nap, Nicholas heads to his room and finds his Pigeon books. He knows Mike can hear him through the baby monitor. He calls out each book and waits for Mike (or me when I am home) to acknowledge he is ready to start. He will then proceed to "read"/recite each book. With all of the changed words, all the intonations of the story, the works. It's cute.

I got these pictures of him one morning while the boys were destroying Jackson's room. Nicholas picked up a book and started reading to Jackson about monster's. Making it up as he went along, since he wasn't as familiar with this one.

The layout was done as part of a lift of fave layout challenge over at Studio Calico. My layout was based on this one by Kelly Noel.  I finished the layout and didn't enter the challenge. But I am happy to have this little part of him scraped. And the title, that is what Nicholas says when he finishes a book. "That's a great story".

Have a great Wednesday!


Lisa Dickinson said...

we love the pigeon at our house too - i love the idea of "embellishing" the stories a bit! ;)

Susan Beth said...

What a fun memory to scrap!

Sue, a.k.a. midwestgirl said...

Great story and a beautiful layout. Love the colors! Brings back good memories of reading to our son and him "reading" back to us.

LG said...

i love the colors on this page, great LO

Rebecca said...

We have the Pigeon books too and they are some of my Jackson's favs. DH and the kids change books and also songs to our names and the things we like :) I love that LO. The strip of photos, the colors, the title. It is all fabulous.