Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Kid Made My Day

Jackson is VERY, VERY vocal, even though he only says about 5 words and doesn't point, wave or make other gestures to communicate.  He was advanced in all his physical milestones so we have assumed that he was more focused on that than talking. Tonight I walked in the door and he started waving at me (which he had never done before).  I was pretty excited because being at work during the week I miss some of those firsts.  It made my day to see this one.


Kristina H said...

He is too adorable! I remember missing those firsts when my children were little. It seemed all of the firsts were saved for the daycare providers.

Being a daycare provider myself now, I always feel a little guilty telling mom about a new milestone.

I'm glad you got a special treat when you got home!!


Rebecca said...

What a wonderful surprise for you! I agree those little happy moments can truly make your whole day.