Saturday, July 10, 2010

Picture Summer Days 1 - 10

I was going to skip out on Picture Summer at Big Picture Scrapbooking, but I have seen a few blogs recently of other scrappers that were signed up and decided to go for it.  I started a few days late, and I am now caught up with my assignments.

I used my Sony DSC-TX1 point and shoot for all of the pictures (except the one in the pool). I used PSE actions from Pioneer Woman for most of the pictures, although for a few I did my own manual post-processing.

Day 1
Summer is the boys having fun and playing outside in the evenings.

Day 2
Splashin' in the pool.

Day 3
I love the way the fountain in the courtyard is angled to line up with the windows on both sides.

Day 4
Grilling is a big part of our summer and always on the 4th.

Day 5
It doesn't matter the season, for me a glass of wine in the backyard watching the sun goes down is perfect any time of year.

Day 6 
A view I haven't noticed much lately that was one of my favorites when we moved to our house 5 years ago.  Looking down our street at the lake from our hallway windows.

Day 7 
This starfish was hanging out on the side of the aquarium. I thought the colors of its belly were splendid.

Day 8
The prompt for today led me to photograph these shells I have had for years.  I had collected most of them as a kid.  I have had them in one of my bathrooms at each home we have lived in  for years.  I see them every morning when I get ready, but haven't thought much about them in years.  Yet, every time I update the bathrooms I always hang on to this bit of my childhood.

Day 9 
These textured balls are on display in my entry way. Love the different textures and sizes.

Day 10
A scene I don't want to forget.  Nicholas and Jackson pillow fighting in the family room.  I heard them this morning giggling and playing while I was checking my e-mail I snuck up on them and found this.  I know they will be teenagers in a blink of the eye, so I want to enjoy the toddler rough housing while it lasts.

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Rebecca said...

Fabulous photos Michelle! Your boys are too cute and that starfish is gorgeous!