Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The good old days....

I love Facebook.

I had been looking at old pictures from high school this past weekend and I came across pictures of me with one of my best high school friends that I have lost touch with.  We were pretty inseparable during the last couple of years of high school.

She moved away to live with her mom before we finished high school  We saw each other when we could for a while, but back in those days we didn't have e-mail, internet or free long distance on cell phones (we didn't have cell phones!) so it was good old fashioned letters that we had to write to keep in touch.  We did that for a while, but I am sure life got us busy and we lost touch.

Every time I came across these pictures over the years I wondered where she was and what happened to her.  And along comes Facebook and there she is.  The thing I love about Facebook is we are all busy in our everyday lives but it only takes a little bit of time throughout the week to keep in touch.

Some random Friday night during football season....1987

Probably during a water polo game.  Our high school team was great and the cheerleaders didn't miss a match.

And I have to love the 80's hair here (especially mine, what was UP with that?)  I think this was after high school when I went down to visit Holly at her mom's house and we went out dancing at a club.

Nice to reconnect with old friends.


Rebecca said...

You two are so cute. I remember the big hair days (unfortunately!). Did you guys use Aqua Net hair spray? Our bathrooms in middle school seriously had a major affect on the ozone layer lol.

I too was not a big believer in FB until I reconnected with a friend from years ago. I am still not obsessed with it, but I like reconnecting.

Christina said...

What a fun pic. Love the hair!