Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh What a Night....

“Early November back in 2-0-9
What a very crazy time
As I remember what a night

Oh what a night,
You know I didn't even know the game
But I was never gonna be the same
Was it crazy, oh yes what a night!

Oh, I got a funny feeling when he cried to soon
And I, as I recall we watched the TV toons

Oh what a night! Doo dit doo dit dit doo dit doo dit dit’

(If you are too young, Google December 1963)

Yep! This was a dose of our day. After about 5 hours of sleep the boys woke up way too early and were cranky from the get go. Jackson barely took a nap and Nicholas (my great sleeper) refused to take one. So by the late afternoon it was crazy in these parts of Arizona.

I usually love my day’s home with the boys, but today work sounded like a great idea. I have a lot of patience with my kids (yes those that know me everywhere else won’t believe that) but it is very true. I said to Nicholas tonight that he had worn down my very last nerve and he had. I couldn’t wait to get them to bed.

Mike had planned and cooked us a fabulous dinner of beef tenderloin roast and scalloped potatoes with gruyere and smoked gouda cheeses. After we aborted a family dinner and decided to eat after they went to bed, Nicholas woke up as I was spooning out the dinner plates.

We watched about 25 minutes of TV (the shows never seem to last that long, but tonight they did). Then finally Mike and I enjoyed this fabulous dinner with a fantabulous bottle of Tobin James wine.

Then about 10 minutes ago Jackson started crying. He is relentless, no crying it out works for him. So Mike is giving him a bottle now. Happy! Happy! Joy1 Joy!

I did get a bit of scrapping done with the November Color Me Daisy Kit the past couple of nights.

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