Sunday, February 15, 2009

365 2009 - Week 7

Monday, February 9
Jackson doesn't want to sleep through the night anymore. He woke up twice each of the past two nights. Not fun when I have to get up at 5 a.m. for work. After we put him to bed tonight I made several Valentine's cards while Mike played on the computer.

Day 43 - 02/09/09

Tuesday, February 10
Jackson woke up 3 times last night. I am exhausted. Hopefully sleeping through the night will come soon. Mike had to feed Jackson about once every 1 to 1-1/2 hours today. He spent lots of time in that chair.

Day 44 - 2/10/09

Wednesday, February 11
Maybe Jackson has been going through a growth spurt. He is eating often, but only woke up once last night. Work has been busy for me.

Day 45 - 2/11/09

Thursday, February 12
Tonight was not fun. Jackson was having tummy troubles and screamed from about 6:00 to 9:30 tonight. He could not be made happy for too long, until the tummy troubles passed. Life with a baby!

Day 46 - 2/12/09

Friday, February 13
Mike had to get out of the house today. It was his first venture out alone with the two boys. They did great for him. They went to Sam's Club, the LSS, the grocery store and the mall. Mike and Nicholas ate lunch at Rubio's. Nicholas ate a whole kid's meal (little piggy).

Day 47 - 2/13/09

Saturday, February 14
We went took Nicholas and Jackson to a birthday party for my friend's two little girls. He had a blast. We shopped at Costco and after naptime opened Valentine's presents. Nicholas now has the concept of opening presents. It was cute watching him go through his bags.

Day 48 - 2/14/09

Sunday, February 15
We had a nice day at home. The boys both took good naps, so Mike and I had a lot of free time in the afternoon. After the boys woke up we all played until dinner time.

Day 49 2/15/09

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