Sunday, February 8, 2009

365 2009 - Week 6

Monday, February 2
After 12 short weeks home with all the boys I had to go back to work today. After looking in on Nicholas still sleeping as I left, I cried. I walked into a fire drill at work, no easing back into it. Mike sent pictures of the boys to me to cheer me up.

Day 36 - 02/02/09

Tuesday, February 3
The boys are all sick and I am starting to feel bad. It is so sad for Jackson especially. He is still too little to be sick. Watched American Idol tonight. Start of Hollywood Week.


Wednesday, February 4
I am sick now too. Nicholas's therapy has been cancelled the past two days because the boys are all sick. Work is crazy for my first week back. Have to finish the March kit orders and I just wanted to go to bed early.

Day 38 - 02/04/09

Thursday, February 5
Nicholas is starting to feel better. He played all day, toys everywhere, everything upturned.

Day 39 - 02/05/09

Friday, February 6
Today is my worst day and I had to work late. Jackson has slept through the night for over a week and decided tonight was the night to revert back to waking up in the middle of the night.

Day 40 - 02/06/09

Saturday, February 7
Nicholas colored while we planned meals and the grocery list. Mike and Nicholas went grocery shopping while I spent a good chunk of the day finalizing March kits. Jackson won't go to sleep tonight and Nicholas woke up and we had to sit with him to for a while before he would go back to bed. So much for a hobby night for us.

Day 41 - 02/07/09

Sunday, February 8
Nicholas won't take a nap and Jackson won't take a bottle. So much for quiet time today. It's cold and rainy out. The dog's are snuggled under a blanket snoozing until Nicholas disrupts them.

Day 42 - 02/08/09


Gina said...

your boys are soo cute!

Kristii said...

What cuties!!! I hope everyone is feeling better!!

brenda j said...

Hey! Got your blog from LOM. Just started mine today for the first time. Your boys are super cute!!!

I completely related to your latest blog. I went back to work full time January 5th when my son was 4 months old. It was so difficult. I cried every day that first week and into the second week. Once I was at work I got busy, but then I'd remember I wasn't home and I'd get sad again. I'm doing better now. I still miss him terribly and I'm struggling to redefine balance in my life! Looking forward to seeing how things go for you!