Tuesday, February 3, 2009

365 2009 - Week 5

Monday, January 26
I had my hair cut and colored today, it hadn't been done since a month before Jackson was born. I also got to do a little scrap supply shopping with my store credit. I bought some supplies to get my overdue Thank You cards done. The boys hung out at home. After the boys were put to bed I made cards and Mike played his train game.

Day 29 - 1/26/09

Tuesday, January 27
Jackson is taking to the pacifier a little better, it helps him think he doesn't have to eat constantly. He likes to lay on the Boppy now and watch Baby TV with his brother. After the boys went to bed I worked some more on my cards and Mike played his train game.

Day 30 - 1/27/09

Wednesday, January 28
Nicholas loves puzzles and has been sitting at his new table a lot to work on them. He is good at puzzles. Mike started physical therapy. I went clothes shopping to find some clothes that fit for going back to work next week. Nana watched the boys while we were gone. No hobby night tonight, Jackson wasn't having it.

Day 31 - 1/28/09

Thursday, January 29
I updated the store for February kits. In the afternoon Nana C. watched the boys while Mike had PT and I went to Costco. Nicholas has another cold, where do these things come from? I spent the evening after the kids went to bed organizing, editing and uploading photos to Costco to print.

Day 32 - 1/29/09

Friday, January 30
Didn't do a whole lot today, just chores and some business details. Nicholas's cold is bad and he is miserable. Mike and I stayed up late, me working on digital 2009 calendars and him playing with his train game.

Day 33 - 1/30/09

Saturday, January 31
Spent some time looking at new products for kits. I went to have a pedicure, when I got home I started dinner and sliced my thumb open while cutting a bell pepper. It bled for a few hours and I hoped I didn't need stitches. No scrapping tonight, my thumb was on fire. We caught up on American Idol.

Day 34 - 1/31/09

Sunday, February 1
Spent a lazy day at home for Superbowl Sunday. Watched and rooted for our Arizona Cardinals, but sadly they lost to the Steelers. It was a good game and we can be proud of our home team for giving it their all.

35 - 02/01/09

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